Pillow Can Alleviate Back Discomfort After Breast Surgery

One of my patients who recently had breast augmentation as part of her cancer reconstruction came to me with a suggestion I’d like to share with you. Her only complaint following surgery was some discomfort in her back – which made it difficult to sleep through the night.

I tell my breast augmentation patients sleep on their back for about a month – to give the breasts and surrounding tissues time to heal properly without having direct pressure placed on them.

Her suggestion is to take what I call a “bolster” pillow – like the one in this photo – and use it during sleep. It’s tubular in shape and typically 12-15” in length. Bolsters often come with bedding and comforter packages but can be purchased alone inexpensively at places like Bed Bath and Beyond.

She placed this pillow at her side and slightly underneath her back. What this enabled her to do is sleep on her back, yet tilt a little to the side to keep pressure directly off her back muscles. She would change sides a couple times throughout the night as needed for comfort. She also placed it under her knees to relieve back pressure while watching TV.

I thought this was a great solution and wanted to pass it on.