Refine Suture Suspension For Breast Lift and Reduction

In a couple of previous blogs, I wrote about a new and exciting breakthrough in plastic surgery: Refine Suture Suspension. It really is remarkable, and I want to share some results with you.

The Refine Support System is made of suture materials that comprise a soft and flexible suture-mesh-anchor system to support internal soft tissue. I typically place it during a breast lift or reduction surgery for internal support – in order to maintain fullness in the upper breast area. Patients who are having these surgeries are candidates for this device. Great news: it can’t be felt by the patient or seen on mammograms.

What happens is that as gravity takes effect, the breasts can “bottom out” years following a breast lift. The Refine System helps to maintain upper fullness, which provides a youthful, natural look. It’s permanent and won’t break down. I also use this in conjunction with fat grafting to the breast, to provide some lift along with added cleavage and fullness as needed.

Here are 3 sets of my patient photos after using Refine, including one male who underwent Gynecomastia surgery.

Two previous mastopexies had dropped

Upper pole fullness maintained after 3 Years with RefineTM


          Before                                After


          Before                                After