Breast Aug Recipe For Recovery

I wanted to take a brief moment and express my gratitude to you, Dr. Van Natta, and the entire surgery staff. I really had the best experience with this practice and would highly recommend to anyone. From the initial  consultation to the day of surgery, I feel I had the best of care. I have multiple friends that have had a similar procedure and all were shocked and in awe of my recovery both day of and day after. They seriously could not believe how well I was doing and moving about. Exact words from my sister in law: “I couldn’t even open my own pill bottle. You washed, blow dried and curled your hair within two hours! That’s crazy!” 

The recipe for recovery Dr. Van Natta has come up with is exactly that, a recipe for recovery. I really appreciate all of the care and confidence the entire team presents in their patient care, and I am so pleased with my results. In a world that is quick to be hostile and full of criticism, I wanted to share with you that all of you are doing a great job, and it is noticed. Keep up the great work! I hope you all have a great day!