Frequently Asked Questions - Breast Augmentation

Rapid Recovery enables breast augmentation patients to get back to their normal activities within a few hours the day of surgery. Dr. Van Natta’s surgery technique, along with our unique post-operative program, allows women to be out shopping and going out to eat on the day of surgery. With Rapid Recovery, you honestly can have breast augmentation with no down time, taking only Motrin. And, you can return to work the next day.


Absolutely not. This statement has become an "urban legend" of sorts but is completely unfounded. Implants need to be replaced only if there is a problem such as deflation of saline implants or a leak outside of the capsule with silicone gel implants. The vast majority of implants i have placed in patients over the past two plus decades are still intact and in place. It is important to realize however, that implants are not "forever devices"  and the possibility exists that you will need to replace them sometime in your lifetime.