GalaFORM 3D Receives FDA Clearance

GalaFORM 3D recently received FDA clearance. Dr. Bruce Van Natta uses GalaFORM in many of his breast rejuvenation and buttock lift surgeries that require support, lift, shape and/or reinforcement. “GalaFORM 3D is an extension of the GalaFLEX scaffold that we have had a lot of success with,” Dr. Van Natta told Cosmetic Surgery Times. “The difference is that the GalaFORM 3D is curved to fit the body’s natural shape and has a reinforcing rim around the edges to help maintain the 3-dimensional shape,” he added.

He noted that GalaFORM 3D enables surgeons to better shape and lift soft tissue during plastic and reconstructive surgery. The scaffold is made of poly-4-hydroxybutyrate (P4HB), a unique biopolymer that is biologically derived, rather than obtained from human or animal tissue. “The patient’s body naturally bioresorbs P4HB, leaving behind only strong, healthy supporting tissue made by the body itself,” Dr. Van Natta explained.

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