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March Special On SkinTyte and Epionce Body Lotion!

Spa 170 West, our medical skincare spa, is currently offering 20% off SkinTyte packages for the thighs through the end of March, 2018. SkinTyte helps to achieve firmer skin and is a non-ablative procedure. The treatment is safe, comfortable and without downtime. SkinTyte is delivered in a sequence of rapid, gentle pulses. This promotes the contraction of collagen while also initiating the body's natural healing process. This, in turn, creates a renewed collagen foundation which leads to increased skin firmness. A series of treatments is recommended.


Turn Back Time With Fat Grafting For The Face

Want to turn back the clock on the aging face? Dr. Bruce Van Natta tells The Plastic Surgery Channel how fat grafting for the face has been one of the most significant changes in cosmetic surgery. Watch his short video to find out why. View this under the Fat Grafting header at the top once you click the link – then choose the top right-hand video “Fat Grafting For the Face is Recycling At Its Best”.


Men Want to Look Great Too!

Looking great and defying the aging process aren’t popular with just women. Men want to look good too – no matter what age they are. Dr. Bruce Van Natta speaks on this Plastic Surgery Channel video about some of the procedures (surgical and non-surgical) that are popular with men. Especially popular are those that don’t involve surgery such as Botox, Dysport, CoolSculpting and miraDry. With a host of non-surgical technologies and faster recoveries on classic procedures, plastic surgeons like Van Natta are seeing an influx of interested male patients.


GalaFORM 3D Receives FDA Clearance

GalaFORM 3D recently received FDA clearance. Dr. Bruce Van Natta uses GalaFORM in many of his breast rejuvenation and buttock lift surgeries that require support, lift, shape and/or reinforcement. “GalaFORM 3D is an extension of the GalaFLEX scaffold that we have had a lot of success with,” Dr. Van Natta told Cosmetic Surgery Times. “The difference is that the GalaFORM 3D is curved to fit the body’s natural shape and has a reinforcing rim around the edges to help maintain the 3-dimensional shape,” he added.