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Plan Your Plastic Surgery Strategy

Here is a good video and article from the Plastic Surgery Channel. My suggestion is to take your time and research the plastic surgeon and treatment/procedure that is most appropriate for you. The latest, greatest trend you see on TV or online may not be what provides the results you want. Set goals and discuss them with your board certified plastic surgeon. And, make sure your surgeon performs many of these procedures on a regular basis with positive, natural-looking outcomes.


Understanding the Rare Link Between Breast Implants and Lymphoma

I would like to dispel any myths or untruths you may have seen or heard regarding breast implants and lymphoma. 

Here is my recent Plastic Surgery Channel video and article about ALCL – anaplastic large cell lymphoma. Note that ALCL of the breast is very rare and is not the same as systemic ALCL. There is a lot of bad info floating around out there in cyberspace. 


Sientra Breast Implants Available Now

Here is my latest video on the Plastic Surgery Channel about the Sientra breast implants. These implants are back on the market and available to patients. We are very excited to offer yet another option to women who are having breast augmentation. They are constructed of High-Strength Cohesive Silicone Gel (HSC), which provides strength and integrity with a very natural look and feel. 


Sientra Breast Implants Available March 1st

In a recent press release, Sientra Chairman and CEO, Jeffrey Nugent, announced that the company’s Sientra breast implants and other medical devices will return to the U.S. market March 1, 2016. Sientra had placed a voluntary hold on their products manufactured by Silimed. According to the press release, “The conclusive results of our testing indicate no anticipated significant safety concerns with the use of Sientra products, including our breast implants, consistent with their approval since 2012.”


There's a New Saline Implant in Town!

Check out Dr. Bruce Van Natta’s newest video from the Plastic Surgery Channel about the Ideal Implant – a new type of saline breast implant.

This is truly an innovative new option! The Ideal Implant is FDA approved and gives woman another choice for their breast augmentation procedure. After watching the video, check out our Breast Augmentation page with more details about the Ideal Implant.