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Fat Grafting For Radiation Therapy Damage

Dr. Bruce Van Natta was recently featured in an Indianapolis Star article called “Saved by her own fat: Woman finds relief from radiation”. Dr. Van Natta is successfully using fat graft procedures to heal damaged tissue on patients who have undergone radiation therapy for cancer. Read the article and see how Dr. Van Natta helped a patient who lost the ability to salivate due to the effects of her radiation therapy.


FDA Approves Ideal Implant

I am very excited regarding the announcement of the FDA’s approval for the Ideal Implant. This is an extraordinary event because it gives women another great choice for breast implants. The Ideal Implant is a dual chambered saline implant that feels remarkably similar to a silicone gel-filled implant. And, it’s completely different from the standard saline implants, which have often been compared to a “water balloon”.

The safety profile for the Ideal Implant is outstanding – which is precisely why they received FDA approval.


Big Implants Lead to Big Problems

As I have mentioned on my blog and in website articles, bigger is not better when it comes to breast implants. In fact, it’s important that they are only as large as what your breast tissue can handle. Otherwise, you run the risk of tissue stretching, discomfort and another surgery to have them removed for smaller implants. Unlike some surgeons, my goal is to give patients a natural result but never overfill your breast tissue.