Breast Reduction Cost & Financing

Breast reduction surgery is not cheap. It is completely an out-of-pocket expense. We feel that our prices are generally competitive with the marketplace. In some instances however, we may be a little higher priced than many of our legitimate competitors. We feel that our experience, consistently excellent results and low complication rate justify our fees. Plastic surgery is not a place to go discount shopping. Don’t forget – you do generally get what you pay for. You are changing your body for the rest of your life – so this is probably not a good place to skimp.

Not a week goes by that we don’t have someone come to our office who had surgery done elsewhere “because they were cheaper” or offered a “good deal”, only to experience significant complications or poor results. They want us to fix it, and of course they now have to pay for the procedure all over again. Not such a good deal, not to mention that it is difficult to get an optimal outcome when things weren’t done right the first time. The best plastic surgeons don’t need to lure patients in with advertised discounts or “special offers”.

We can usually give an approximate range of potential costs for a given procedure over the phone. At the time of your consultation we will give you an exact quote including surgeon’s fee, anesthesia and surgical facility costs. We can also discuss some financing options that may be available. 

If you are in Indiana, please visit our breast reduction in Indianapolis page for more information about the breast reduction procedure.