Facelift Procedure

If we are fortunate enough to live into our fifties and beyond, we will inevitably begin to notice some changes in our appearance. The soft tissues of the face begin to sag off the facial bones. Facial fat is lost from some areas and seems to increase in others. I feel that aging is overall a “masculinizing” effect – that is, not so bad if you are a man, but it can really be unflattering if you’re a woman. A facelift can take years off a person’s appearance and let you show to the world a more youthful version of yourself.

My foremost philosophy in facelift surgery is to always, always maintain a natural, non-operated look. When I do a facelift, it involves addressing the individual issues that a patient presents with. I use techniques that put sagging cheeks back where they belong and get rid of bands and sagging skin on the neck.  It is common for my patients to come back and tell me that people who don’t know they have had surgery make comments like: “You look so well rested!” or “Have you lost weight?” They know that something’s different, but don’t recognize that they had surgery – because the result is so natural.

We usually need to consider the sagging of eyelids or brows with eyelid surgery (also known as blepharoplasty) and possibly a brow lift. Quite frequently, I also recommend removing any sun damage, hyperpigmentation or broken vessels and smoothing of the facial skin texture using some type of laser treatment.

The prescription for my recommended surgery is based on what you bring to me and what you would like to see improved. This results in a customized treatment plan for each individual according to their needs for facial rejuvenation.

I encourage you to come in for a private consultation and allow us to discuss your possibilities. We can do a computer imaging simulation of what your potential outcome would look like after facelift surgery. This is a powerful way to preview a snapshot of the possible surgical improvement that can be achieved.

I really look forward to meeting with you to discuss the possibilities for taking away some of the signs of facial aging. Feel free to view some of my before and after facelift results, and give us a call to schedule a consultation.

Below is a sample before and after image of a facelift procedure. If you would like to see more before and after facelift photos, click on "Photo Gallery" on the left.

Facelift Before and After Image


Written by: Dr. Bruce W. Van Natta