In the past few years we have had more and more requests for a procedure known as labiaplasty. Many women have excess labial tissue which they find unsightly and embarrassing, particularly with the popularity of “deforestation” of the pubic hair in recent years.

The labial tissue is nothing more than skin. It is analogous to the scrotum in males. Removal of this skin involves excising an ellipse of the redundant tissue and suturing it closed with absorbable sutures, much like an episiotomy after childbirth. The recovery is minimal; we generally recommend icing for 2-3 days. Some bruising and mild discomfort is to be expected, but most of my patients tell me it is no big deal.

We most often are doing this in conjunction with some other procedures such as liposuction or an abdominoplasty, but it can be done as a stand-alone procedure and would require about an hour under general anesthesia.

If you are self conscious about extra labial tissue and would like to have it removed, please call for a private consultation. You’re not alone on this. Many patients have the same problem and are quite relieved to have it so easily corrected. 

To view labiaplasty before and after photos visit our photo gallery.