Revision Augmentation

Revision augmentation surgery is used to correct a previous breast surgery where the outcome is not what was expected.

Since I do a very large number of first-time breast augmentations with one of the lowest complication/reoperation rates in the country, it follows that we are consulted by a significant number of women who have had previous augmentations with less than ideal outcomes. These patients’ problems run the gamut of complications including: capsular contracture(tightening of the scar pocket around the breast), implant malposition, sagging of the breast tissue away from the implant, deflation or leaking of the implants, over stretched breast tissue from too large implants – often requiring a skin tightening procedure known as mastopexy.

My experience of 25 years doing breast surgery ranging from augmentation, lifts or reductions and breast reconstruction for cancer gives me the experience to be able to deal with most any adverse result presented.

After a taking a detailed history of your previous surgery or surgeries I will conduct a thorough physical exam. I will ask you what your goals are going forward. Next, I will present you with the available options and discuss the relative tradeoffs of these options. After you decide on the desired course we will get you pricing for the proposed procedure. Revisional surgeries are often as expensive or more so than the original procedure. My first goal, however, is to give you the best possible result for the long term. We do have financing options available and would be happy to discuss these with you at your appointment.

If you would like to have your breast augmentation results assessed and discuss the possible options, please call for a confidential consultation. Also, please be sure to review some examples of our revision augmentation before and after photos.

Below is an example of a revision augmentation before and after photo. If you would like to see more before and after photos, click on "Photo Gallery" on the left.

Revision Augmentation before and after photo

Written by: Dr. Bruce W. Van Natta