Buttock Augmentation

Buttock augmentation, or butt lift, is a surgical procedure that will fill and reshape the buttocks – also known as the gluteals. This surgery has really grown in popularity over the past few years. 

Patients sometimes come to me for this procedure because they feel their buttocks are too small or too flat, and they want more definition as well as a shapely look. Often times, they are unhappy because their clothing and/or bathing suit appear baggy in the buttock area. Increasingly, we are performing this with many of our tummy tucks. Weight loss and the normal aging process can cause the buttocks to appear loose, flat and saggy. Buttock augmentation provides a round, firm youthful-looking result, which enables you to look more proportional.

In the past, we could only take away from areas of excess fatty stores with liposuction. Now we can remove areas of excess and fill in areas of deficiency to completely reshape you. It has become much more like sculpting, with amazing results we simply couldn’t achieve before.

This surgery is performed by taking fat from another area of your body (i.e., abdomen, love handles, thighs) using liposuction and transferring it to your buttocks. This is often referred to as the Brazilian butt lift. Additionally, I may perform liposuction to sculpt the hip and thigh area to create an overall balanced look.

Every patient’s body is different, and the proper approach will be discussed in detail during our consultation.