Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation

Dr. Bruce Van Natta’s "Rapid Recovery" Breast Enlargement

Interested in natural-looking breast augmentation, but worried about the down time? Whether you’re a busy mom and/or a career professional, you probably don’t have the option to take a lot of time off for surgery. I am performing breast enlargement with no down time and no narcotics!

Typically with most surgeons, recovery after breast augmentation involves several days of downtime. This includes time off work (which can mean lost income), the inability to drive for 7-14 days, taking prescription narcotics and time away from caring for your family.

My advanced surgery technique, along with my unique post-operative program allows patients to undergo a Rapid Recovery after breast enlargement. You will wash your hair, go shopping and out to eat the day/evening of surgery and take only Motrin for mild discomfort. You’ll also go back to work and resume your normal activities the next day.

I employ a stretching regimen designed to prevent the chest muscles from tightening and stiffening. Post-operative discomfort is therefore minimized and easily treated with ibuprofen. There is no longer a need for prescription medication utilized in the past – which can have negative effects and takes time to get out of your system. Typically, most plastic surgeons bind their patients and tell them not to use their arms. We are 180 degrees in the other direction, and our patients are thrilled with their results. This is truly a breakthrough for women who want to have breast enlargement. If you lead a busy lifestyle, this may be a great option for you!

View my Rapid Recovery video to learn more about our exciting breast augmentation program.

Breast Augmentation Caregiver Instructions and Post-Op/Recovery

Day of Surgery

  • After arriving home from surgery, you need to take a 2-hour nap. If you have a long car ride home, be sure to count that time in the nap. You should not sleep more than 2 hours. You need to wake up and move around. It’s okay to sit down and rest, but no more sleeping until bedtime. 
  • You need to eat something substantial; crackers are simply not enough. And, you need to stay hydrated. If you normally drink Diet Coke, drink a regular Coke or something with sugar. This will jump-start your system. 
  • Nausea can occur within the first 3-4 hours after surgery. If you feel nauseous, it may be due to taking the medication on an empty stomach or not drinking enough fluids and becoming dehydrated. This is why it is important to eat something substantial and drink plenty of fluids. 
  • As soon as you have eaten, please take 800mg of Ibuprofen, and wait 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, we want your arms above your head in a slow “jumping jack” type motion. Keep the arms straight out all the way up and touch the back of the hands to each other. Your bicep muscles should touch your ears. You need to do a set of 5 every hour, on the hour until at least 10 pm or later if the surgery ended later in the morning.
  • Once you feel comfortable moving, take a shower. The shower is magic to loosen things up and help wipe away the fog from anesthesia. After showering, go out to shop and walk around the mall – go out to dinner at your favorite restaurant. A change of scenery is a wonderful thing. We do expect you to close your own car door and put on your own seat belt. You can even carry a couple of shopping bags.
  • Feel free to do normal activities around the house: unload the dishwasher, make dinner, and read to the kids. By moving around, you will feel better faster and reduce your risk of capsular contracture and another operation. 

You cannot hurt yourself through normal movement. Remember, we have NO incentive to tell you to do something that would send you back to the operating room. It is important to stay active and keep moving.

The Night of Surgery

  • Once you are home and ready for bed, you must lie on your breasts for 15 minutes. You are to lie directly down on the breasts until you put your full weight on them. Do NOT try a push-up to get up. Instead, roll to the side and sit up. Please do not cheat! It is important to put pressure on the breasts immediately. Most patients tell us it feels good to have weight on the breasts – it is just the getting up part that is difficult until they get used to it. Many patients find it is easier to do this by kneeling, bending at the waist, or laying on a bench or ottoman. We expect you to do this tonight and every night until it is simply not an issue anymore – for at least 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Around 10 pm, make sure you take another 800mg Ibuprofen with food and either Ambien or Benadryl to help you sleep. During the night, you will wake up when you roll onto your side.  With the help of Ambien or Benadryl, you will go right back to sleep. 
  • You can do anything to make yourself comfortable. That may mean more showers, more arm movements, more lying on your breasts, or wearing a bra without underwire for more support. A bra is totally optional. Some patients are more comfortable wearing a bra, and some are more comfortable without. We will leave that up to you. 

The Day Following Surgery

  • Get up to eat breakfast, and take 800mg Ibuprofen. Wait 30 minutes and take a nice warm shower. In the warm shower, we want you to do another set of 5 arm stretches. It is hard to just pop out of bed and do the stretches. Follow the post-operative instructions, and you will do great. 
  • Use the momentum you have built to get out and do something – run daily errands, drive a car, etc. We do not expect you to stop in the mall and start doing your arm stretches, but we do expect you to close your own car door, put on your own seat belt, and carry a couple of shopping bags. Normal movement is essential. 
  • You can expect to run out of energy mid-day. Plan your time so that you can stop and rest for a while. After a short nap, get up and moving again! You will find the more you move, the better you feel. Treat this like a pulled muscle. Yes, you feel it, but it only gets better with movement.
  • Expect to feel tighter and more swollen by the end of the day. This is normal and temporary.  You may also begin to complain of soreness of the ribs and lower back around the end of day one or day two. This is simply fluid moving through the tissue. You will urinate all of it out and lose the bloated feeling within 5 to 7 days.
  • If you complain of soreness or discomfort in your upper back, it is because you are tensing your shoulders into an unnatural position. Remember to stretch your shoulders forward and backwards … and relax!

Medication Schedule

  • We expect you to take one 800mg Ibuprofen at breakfast, again around lunch, and at bedtime.  If you need additional relief around dinner, you can take two 200mg Advil.
  • You can take Ambien or Benadryl before bedtime for the first 5 days only. This is not mandatory. Ambien is non-habit forming and really helps you get the rest you need. 
  • You need to take all the Ibuprofen prescribed to you. You may choose the number per day, but we would like for you to take them all. 

If you are in Indiana, please visit our breast augmentation in Indianapolis page.


Please call the office sometime during the day and let us know how you are doing. You can call (317)575-0336 ext 168 and leave a message for the nurses, or call toll-free at (800)345-1962.