Choose Dr. Van Natta!

My experience with Dr. Van Natta more than met my expectations. I was somewhat skeptical about the rapid recovery. My fiancé had shared with me about past women that endured breast augmentation by highly sought out local surgeons. He said these women were highly medicated and were bed ridden up to 3 to 5 days after surgery. I thought how could this be possible after hearing the downtime these women had encountered. I consulted two other surgeons before I made my decision. Prior to me even choosing Dr. Van Natta, my friend who is in the medical field mentioned that he was highly sought after by his peers. After meeting with Dr. Van Natta, it was clear that he had higher achievements and expectations that what I felt the other surgeons had. He was extremely nice and well educated. The other surgeons didn't seem to care as much and also wanted to give me exactly what I wanted, which I thought was scary since they are the doctors and shouldn't leave the decision up to your patient. Dr. Van Natta knows exactly what he is doing. He wanted to vie me the most natural look that fit my body type. When leaving my appointment, I told my fiancé he was the one and he agreed. We were very pleased and more than impressed with him.

The day of surgery, I met with the nurses as they prepared me for surgery. There were also extremely nice and very attentive to my needs. I met with the local anesthesiologist; he explained everything that he would be doing. I was nervous but he reassured me everything would be ok. Then Dr. Van Natta met with me, which made me feel even more comfortable. He has a way of making his patients feel at ease.

After surgery, I was instructed to take a two hour nap along with Ibuprofen, then take a lunch and do stretches every hour. I woke up from my nap and took my Ibuprofen. I couldn't believe how good I felt. I was walking around the house doing laundry as if I had never had surgery that day. My fiancé was telling me to slow down. He was also amazed with my ability to perform normal activities. We went to dinner that evening and I felt great! I lay on my breast for 15 minutes like Dr. Van Natta instructed me to do. It was uncomfortable at first but not unbearable. The next day I went to look for a wedding dress and continued to feel fine.

My overall experience at Meridian Plastic Surgeons more than met my expectations. I would recommend him to anyone, and I will go there for future cosmetics enhancements!!