I’ve been in plastic surgery private practice for almost 30 years and strive to give my patients the best absolute results with minimal downtime, utilizing the best practice techniques currently available. My patients will tell you that I am a straight shooter, sometimes brutally honest, but always keeping their best interests at the forefront.

I am really excited to launch our new website, and I hope you like what we have done. The bevy of technology available today now enables us to show you more than just static written words on a page. My intent was to migrate to a new site design that is easier to navigate, loads quickly and offers friendly viewing whether you are using a mobile device, tablet or desktop computer.

Our new website provides lots of engaging video content with up-to-date information about surgical and non-surgical procedures as well as general topics relative to aesthetic plastic surgery.

We’ve also included a comprehensive photo gallery you can easily browse that provides before and after photo images of my actual patients for multiple procedures I perform.

And, I’ll keep you in the know about current topics via this news blog.

Happy Viewing!

~ Dr. Van Natta