“When I was done having babies, I knew I wanted to fix the damage pregnancy and nursing caused to my breasts. I thought I’d have to wait years and years to have the surgery because I heard the recovery period was long and deeply restrictive – until a friend referred me to Dr. Van Natta. She told me about her wonderful experience and encouraged me to read about his Rapid Recovery program for breast augmentations. I did, and quite frankly, felt it sounded too good to be true. Despite my skepticism, leaning on her personal reference, I met with Dr Van Natta.

“I moved forward with my breast augmentation the next month, and I’m so thrilled I did. The recovery was, in fact, rapid, and the results were beyond my hopes and expectations. And honestly, it was easy. I was up at 5:30am the morning after surgery, playing on the floor with my toddlers. Appreciating my new figure. I’m so grateful for Dr Van Natta, and I’m so glad I got this surgery!”