Perhaps one of the most annoying and notorious conditions a woman has to deal with is cellulite. In the course of a lifetime, 9 out of 10 women will have some measure of cellulite. The condition unfortunately has little to do with diet, how much someone exercises, and isn’t fat. This is problematic holistically as women discover that no matter how hard they train in the gym and eat well, cellulite remains. Since the condition isn’t fat, liposuction is ineffective and there is little surgeons can do. Until now.

Dr. Van Natta is proud and excited to offer Qwo, a new, non-surgical therapy that aims to significantly reduce moderate to severe cellulite, notably in the buttocks. The procedure is an injection that seeks to release the fibrous bands that pull on the skin (this is the cause of the dimpling), redistribute fat beneath the skin, and stimulate new collagen growth.

The procedure is quick – less than 10 minutes – and requires no post-treatment downtime. Since the procedure is non-surgical, results will take longer to show; Qwo results should begin to appear within 10 weeks, and may require additional treatments over time. These are small prices to pay for a therapy that has shown great promise at finally being able to win the battle against cellulite.

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